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Founded in 2013, Valko Game Studios initially consisted of a team of two, working on cool ideas and concepts as a means to learn. Since then, we have grown to a full team and have gone commercial, specialising in cooperative-based games. Our passion to develop quality games is clear; We want to make our mark on this beloved industry and introduce games that will truly live up to people’s expectations of our motivated indie studio.

Our aim? to create exceptional games that leave a memorable experience for the users.

Current Project

Delve into the depths of the maze and uncover it’s dark, insidious secrets in this cooperative horror experience.

Meet Our Development Team

Zach Dankowycz

Lead Programmer | Game Director

United Kingdom

Lonnie Ralfs

Lead Artist


Cindy Tanguay

3D Artist


Dave Watts

3D Artist

United Kingdom

Julian Shields

Music Composer

United Kingdom

Jonny Ro

Concept Artist


Luke Dooly

VFX & Lighting Specialist



Team Members





We are passionate about our projects.

" Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. "
Greek Philospher
" Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. "
Ryunosuke Satoro
Japanese Writer

We are firm believers that being passionate about what you do produces outstanding results. Every member of our team has a shared love of game development and our projects are hand picked as a team so that everyone has their say in what we create as a group. Working as a team is more than just getting work done quicker, it’s about supporting each other where we can and coming together with a shared goal where we all share pride in our creations!

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We love chatting with everyone, from critics to fans! We also like to share sneak peeks and updates!






Our first twitch partners. Dopey kids is a streamer group who have a vision to create a large community of streamers, content creators and artist with a focus on networking, entertainment and support. They host community events and provide community gfx packs. Click their logo to go to the official Dopey Kids discord.

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