Welcome to the official crowdfunding portal for Labyrinthine! On this page you can choose the platform you wish to fund us through as well as receive some information about the campaign!

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Why Are There Two Platforms?

When we first started discussing crowdfunding, we always assumed it would be just kickstarter and we set about building the kickstarter page, because after all, it’s the big boy in the crowd funding world, right? But as we got talking with other developers and gamers, it appeared that some people disliked kickstarter and more so their all-or-nothing style of funding. We agree, it must be devastating hitting 90%+ of your goal and then losing all of it to a few percentage. That’s when we learned about INDIEGOGO which seemed to be much friendlier in the approach it took. With INDIEGOGO, we don’t need to hit the full 100% to get the funds raised so that scenario of being a few hundred off the goal isn’t so bad. INDIEGOGO also seems to have a lot of big-name games that we personally have taken interest in so it’s not as small as people may at first think!

Which Should I Use?

If this is your first time crowdfunding, we definitely would prefer you to use the INDIEGOGO link. As explained above, it means we 100% get the funds so we can continue development!

If you use one or both, honestly, you can use whichever. The aforementioned benefit to INDIEGOGO is massively helpful but it’s all at your choosing which you use.

Why Are You Funding So Late Into Development?

We explained it in the video but to give you a quick summary, we are hoping to do a final development sprint. If we can pay our artists to work full time on the game, combined with some outsourced work (i.e. an animator), we should be able to deliver a much more complete and enjoyable early access come Halloween. We’re working with really tight schedules now and we want to make sure that we release a game that is as enjoyable as possible.