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Labyrinthine – Dev Blog #11

Thanks for being patient, we realise the dev blog is a little later than usual. We hope everyone’s having a good time and staying indoors during these bizarre times; We certainly are and the corona virus has actually helped free up more time to work on the project! Let’s take a look at what Dev Blog 11 has in store…

A New Challenger Approaches!

Those of you on the discord may have noticed a new face lurking on the team. That would be Dave, our newest 3D artist. Dave hails from Bristol in the UK and will be creating a lot of new props seen around the maze. Fun fact, Brits now make up the majority of the team!

Check out some of his previous work below:

Cindy's Scarecrow

Last devblog, Cindy had started sculpting out her scarecrow. She has come along strides since and while most of it is the boring retopo and what not, we will show you a couple of the later scultp images!

She has just begun texturing the model so next devblog should have a complete or near-complete version!

A lantern at last

The current lantern in game has only been a temporary one created by Zak which was used when comparing the lantern to a flashlight. It had very little detail despite being one of the closest things to the player. Lonnie has gone ahead and created a much more HD version with way more detail!

He’s also gone ahead and created a little show real for everyone to see it in all of it’s glory!

Lonnie's Logs

You may also remember from last week, we had started to work with photoscanned assets, namely a log. Here are a few screenshots of that log in-game!

Jonny's Art Returns

Jonny has been relatively inactive recently due to commitments with college, but has been able to do a quick piece of the gate.

The less interesting stuff!

Along side the more visual things, we have also been improving the monster AI as well as fixing a bunch of bugs discovered while playtesting.

We have also added some ambiance to the world in the form of dust/orbs. They are hard to notice unless you are looking for them but add a bunch of atmosphere to those dark corridors.

Please note, this clip is only 3 seconds long. They don't appear in the same place or that frequently.

If you haven’t yet, please join our discord, we love seeing new faces and we are excited to hear people’s feedback, suggestions, questions, theories and everything in between!

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