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December 2023 – Developer Update

This dev blog will be short and sweet, but we have some very interesting news for those who stick around to the end!

Team Meetup

First up, we should probably talk about our team meetup… You know, to let people know we are human and not just names on discord!

This meetup was planned for a while and we were finally able to do it in Thailand (where it was accessible for everyone and warm enough to be outside!).

Ozan, Michal, Batuhan, Zach, Tanner, Fabio, Muhammad

The meet-up was great, we all got along like a house on fire and we created some very amusing memories. There was plenty of discussion around Labyrinthine, future content, project #2 as well as new games. Overall this meetup was very productive and we’re looking forward to our next one!

One thing we have to mention. While at the villa, Batuhan proposed to his long time girlfriend! Congratulations to both Batuhan and his girlfriend!

Labyrinthine News

As promised, we have continued to add small features to Labyrinthine beyond our full release. We recently saw the addition of a post-game map for the case files as well as a change requested by many; the colour wheel. From what we’ve seen, everyone so far has loved these changes and we’d like to bring some more going forward, once our development time is a little less hectic.

Also, as in previous years, we’re planning to add some new cosmetics for Christmas. You can expect these later in the month. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement.

One of several new cosmetics planned for 2023
One of several new cosmetics planned for 2023

Review Spike

We received more reviews this November than we had ever received in a month previously.

We also wanted to quickly mention the spike in Reviews over the Steam game awards period. We’re extremely grateful for all you who chose Labyrinthine to review, either as part of the checklist or just out of admiration. We’re also unbelievably overwhelmed with how many voted for us in the game awards. We will actually have some news on that coming shortly and we just want to say thank you to everyone who voted and left a review; you guys help more than you know!

Pigman Competition

As you guys know, we had run a competition alongside the pigman plush that involved 5 winners. We’re happy to announce that the plush reached the funding goal and we had selected 5 winners using a random number generator.

Those winners are as follows:

  1. Almytychcknpoo – £100 winner
  2. Hello2099 – £50 winner
  3. Platt1 – Hoodie winner
  4. Bitetheblu11ets – Hoodie winner
  5. Eveelledead – Hoodie winner

Congrats to those guys and thank you to everyone that entered the draw!

Time for a Big Reveal

As many of you know, we’ve been hard at work on our second project since the release of Labyrinthine. The project is making great progress and we know many people feel a little “left in the dark” as we’ve been tight-lipped on any details. We thought we would reveal some info as a little “end of year” gift to the Labyrinthine community.


Please be aware, everything below this is WORK IN PROGRESS.

NOTHING you see is finalised and EVERYTHING is subject to change.

These are DEVELOPMENT screenshots and do not reflect the final game.

Okay, now with the warning out of the way, let’s take a look at our next project.

First some details;

  1. It will be a cooperative horror aimed at 1-4 players (this may increase).
  2. There is a heavy focus on the AI, it will be able to use various senses to find you.
  3. The game is aimed to be “arcade-like”, and aims to be 15-60m per play.
  4. There will be difficulties that offer substantial challenges as well as easier difficulties that allow people of all skill to enjoy the game.
  5. Unlike Labyrinthine, items can be picked up/dropped and they will fill an inventory slot.
  6. The initial release will have a single map, however, more are planned.
  7. There are multiple monsters.
  8. There will be easter eggs and collectibles.
  9. There will be cosmetics to be earned.

Now, let’s have a look at some screenshots, shall we. Again, the environments are not lit correctly and haven’t had polish so they are very much “in-development” as of right now.

We were a little undecided as to whether or not we wanted to announce the project name, however, we think it would be nice to refer to the project as it’s name rather than “Project #2”. So, without further adieu, we present to you the logo!

Our WIP logo

So yes, there you have it. CRYO is the name for our second project. We’ve been excited to get this announced and we still plan to do an “official announcement” trailer early next year when there is more gameplay to be shown, but for Labyrinthine fans, you get to hear about it sooner!

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  1. Caleb

    Super excited and congratulations!

  2. ZL

    Can we expect to see more updates about cryo in the discord?

  3. Riley Grace

    So exciting! Congrats everyone!

  4. JimmyMix

    Good luck 🙂

  5. Sheena

    I’m not sure if I missed it but I hope you had more to Labyrinthine. Annnnnd I’m excited to see what comes from Cryo!!! You all are amazing, I wish I had this type of talent. #dreamcareer.

  6. Groovy Monster

    I’m reeeally hoping this is set in an abandoned arctic base….getting “The Thing” type of vibes from the clues so far. Even the soundtrack preview that was shared a while back sounds very ‘The Thing/John Carpenter-ish’. Hope it’s something like that! 🙂

  7. JimmyMix

    Good luck 🙂

  8. Misty_Wilds

    Im so flipping excited! As someone who found Labyrinthine by accident, I had tons of my friends play with me and play again and love to still return to it so I cannot wait for Cryo!!!!!

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