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Labyrinthine – Dev Blog #5

Welcome to our fifth installment to the devblog series. First off, apologies are in order! We had to delay our meetings due to unforseen events which in turn led to late discussions on the devblog and further delays due to availability. But the good news is, it has arrived!

Let's Talk Larissa

Larissa has gone fairly under the radar for the past few blog posts, so let’s share some updates on her! Larissa has been working behind the scenes developing the story and lore that will drive Labyrinthine. Alongside side-pieces, she has also been developing up an initial story that will be released when ready to help draw people into the game world and have them begin to try form an idea on what is happening and why.

Once this initial story is completed, expect fairly frequent found evidence, newspaper clippings and other lore posts to thicken the plot and keep people on their toes.

3D Asset Update Time

This past week, Lonnie has finished up various pieces of the initial puzzle, including texturing the stump from our previous devblog.

He has also been hard at work creating a furnace that will be found in game.

There are a few other bits but they’re lore-intensive. Regular readers should know the drill by now! The last piece to share is a new character for the game. He’s still WIP but here is the base model.

Jonny's Art Makes A Comeback

A recurring theme in our devblogs, Jonny has been on the ball producing great story boards and pieces of art. Not giving away too much about the backstories, here they are!

Official Reddit is Now Up

As part of our commitment to engage with the community, we have opened an official reddit for the game. Please feel free to join us: Labyrinthine Official Reddit 

And Finally, The Lantern...

Or sort of. We have been playing around, making a lot of changes to try get the right feel. We have added physics to it too which has complicated things further so it’s still an in-dev item, so unfortunately no comparison shot just yet. That said, we have been teasing it for a while, so we can show you how it looks in it’s current, unfinished state!

We also ask that you please join our discord, we love seeing new faces and we are excited to hear people’s feedback, suggestions, questions, theories and everything in between!

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