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Labyrinthine – Dev Blog #3

Welcome to the third entry in our devblog series. Since the last devblog, we’ve had Christmas and boxing day, we hope you’ve enjoyed the festive season wherever you are in the world!

Not too much has changed..

As you can imagine, this past week has been sluggish for development. We decided a week away to spend time with our families was in order. That said, progress has continued on the side for some of us, and we can show off a little of what has been done…

The Cryptex device

Some of you may remember that we showed you a Cryptex device last week as part of our asset teaser. The cryptex device was created for the “da vinci code” novel in 2003, a circular lockbox with rotating alphanumeric disks. We decided to take what is usually a small device and create a much larger version that can be placed in the maze. In Labyrinthine, there will be a puzzle that requires the user to put together various clues to work out the correct combination. This week, Zach has gone ahead and got it functioning, as you can see below.

The art of jonny

Behind the scenes, Jonny has been producing story boards and art scenes to help stimulate the artists and larissa’s imagination. We can’t show you the more recent, detailed sketches as they contain spoilers but here’s a few pieces from earlier development.

Entrance to the Maze
Story Boarding

Concept artwork will likely become a recurring theme for the devblogs as it gives people an insight into the game’s world and story without actually releasing anything too spoiler-heavy.

Flashlight vs Lantern

Also this week, Cindy has been working on creating a new lantern asset. This will either replace the flashlight or be available as an alternative. We think a lantern will create a spookier feel by limiting the distance of the light, making corridors seem more unpredictable. It should also serve to improve the player experience by providing a larger radius of light, making it easier to see nearby objects. It also has the added bonus of making the location of other players more prominent within the maze.

We should have some gifs of both the flashlight and lantern in action to show next week so you can decide for yourselves!

The current flashlight asset

Help us out!

Recently we’ve seen a lot more growth on social media, which is just what we wanted! Please make sure to like and share our social media posts and accounts. We are trying to grow awareness of Labyrinthine and expand our community to a point where we get active discussions on core features. Discord is also a huge help, so please join that if you haven’t yet!

So that sums up this week’s devblog and the last one of 2019. It should highlight that development has still continued over Christmas. We hope everyone has a happy new year / new year’s eve and we look forward to bringing you some juicier updates in January!

We also ask that you please join our discord, we love seeing new faces and we are excited to hear people’s feedback, suggestions, questions, theories and everything in between!

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