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Labyrinthine – Dev Blog #7

Welcome to dev blog #7. This past week has been very productive for us; we have been hard at work trying to bring the game up to scratch for a pre-alpha demo, more on that shortly. As part of that, we thought it’s only fair that we tease some more exciting assets. Let’s get on with it!

Lonnie Loves The Macabre

For those who don’t know, Lonnie absolutely loves creating gruesome models. As a huge fan of Hunt:Showdown’s art style, he has been weaving in some heavy gore into our assets. The past few weeks, he’s been working on this piece which will be a part of a puzzle you will encounter reasonably early in the game.

This piece is completely WIP right now, expect more in the coming weeks!

Eza The Architect

Eza’s also been hard at work on creating a house, this is period accurate to what we are wanting to use it for and she has been painstakingly looking over every detail to make sure it matches! We can’t reveal how it will be used and it may raise some eyebrows but bear with us, it will make sense when you begin to unravel the mysteries of Labyrinthine…

Again, another WIP project, but this should become a recognisable sight for those who dared to enter the maze…

AI I have no idea what you mean!

Zach’s been working on some AI for the local residents of the maze. Because it wouldn’t be scary enough without some horrific entities hunting you down in the dark corridors! Right now the AI have one thing on their mind, search and destroy. They will actively prowl the maze looking for players and upon spotting them, chase them down. You can try hide or you can try outrun them, the choice is yours…..

Here are a few dev screenshots of our AI playground. Spoiler free, of course.

It may not look so menacing here but bumping into one of these during playtesting has been terrifying! The AI will be expanded on to become much better at hunting. We want players to truly fear what lurks in the maze…

Optimize, Improve, Luke.

No fancy images for this one but it’s worthy of a mention! Luke has been hard at work improving the graphical quality and optimizing as much as possible to squeeze every inch of performance we can get. Not only that, he has been working hard on making the options menu much more slick and user friendly.

A Stream Of Streamers

Also worth mentioning, we’ve recently had a bunch of interest from a streamer group. We are still in the talking stages but these guys will likely be getting an exclusive look at development and early access to our pre-alpha demo. Talking about the demo, as mentioned, we are looking to have a playable pre-alpha demo available for streamers. This is to get some feedback and also to help promote the project. This is our current goal so stay tuned to see some gameplay and your first glimpse at the maze!

If discussions go well, we will be posting them in next week’s devblog. Make sure to join the official discord to chat with both them and the developers!

Join Discord!

Seriously guys, discord is the best place to ask questions and chat with the devs and other fans. We need your help to grow and joining our discord is a huge help. It not only provides us with more user suggestions and feedback but also gives us a larger audience for testing and discussions. Even if we are just another muted server, consider joining and helping us grow!

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