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Labyrinthine – Dev Blog #4

Welcome to the fourth entry in our devblog series. This past week we’ve been reconnecting and doing some early spring cleaning, tidying up our project and re-organising our trello.

Fencing, but not with swords!

Over the last week, Cindy finished up some modular fence pieces for use in various places around the maze. The new fences have made for some great shots of various spoiler heavy areas, which we unfortunately can’t share! However, for now, here’s a few spoiler-free images so you can see them in action.

The Fence Pieces Without Lighting or PostProcessing
Testing out the roughness map against a light source
Fence Silhouette Against The Night's Sky

Easter Eggs will be a thing

Developers since the dawn of computing have been including easter eggs in their projects. From the bizarre silent hill 2 dog ending to the down right cryptic puzzles of the Battlefield franchise, easter eggs have captivated users and kept them searching for the unknown long after finishing the main game.

Collectively, we are a pretty avid secret-finding bunch and we feel that a game that takes place in a huge maze is the perfect location to include plenty of little easter eggs. We have plans for some pretty elaborate ones that will require some serious out-of-the-box thinking but for now, we can tease a small one; The Jonny’s Guide to survival.

We don't recommend following this guide!

This one is an inside joke that arose after our concept artist, Jonny, managed to walk repeatedly in a circle after backtracking on himself multiple times by accident. While this one is a tiny addition, there will be some that reveal some lore-related information that can help you piece together the story behind Labyrinthine.

Talking about Jonny...

Jonny has produced various new bits of art for us recently, here’s a few samples!

A Piece Based On An Internet Hoax That Spread A Few Years Back
There's A Little More Than Meets The Eye In This One...

Enough about Jonny, what about lonnie!

Our lead artist, Lonnie, has been hard at work making various characters and puzzle props. Again, most of Lonnie’s work is either spoiler heavy or used to solve puzzles so we are keeping it under lock and key. We do have a few assets to share though!

This Statue Base Will Be Key In Solving The Cryptex Puzzle
A WIP Tree Stump
A Work In Progress Playable Character

But wait, where's our lantern!

Some of you may remember last week we were going to post a test shot of the lantern vs a flashlight. We haven’t forgotten! It will be coming in next week’s log. We are still tweaking it and felt it would be unfair to try compare the two in their current state.

We also ask that you please join our discord, we love seeing new faces and we are excited to hear people’s feedback, suggestions, questions, theories and everything in between!

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