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Labyrinthine – Dev Blog #1

We are now ready to provide a weekly development blog for our cooperative horror game, Labyrinthine. It’s been a great few months are we are excited to show off our progress!

What Is Labyrinthine?

Labyrinthine is the first standalone commercial project by Valko Game Studios. The game is a horror title that can be played cooperatively with up to 4 players online. It takes place in the maze of the eldritch god, Labyrinthine, who devours the fear of it’s victims.

As you transverse the difficult maze, you will need to work together to solve tricky puzzles and avoid cunning traps while evading previous victims who were not so lucky. While cooperative play is encouraged it is not essential and you may head into the maze solo if you feel inclined to do so.

Meet the Developers!

We will have a more in-depth page for our developers in the future, however for now, here’s a small intro for each one.

Zak Dankowycz – Valko Director / Lead Programmer

British. He started Valko Studios a few years ago to consolidate some prototype projects. Since then, he has worked in the industry and is credited on a handful of large projects.

Lonnie Ralfs – Lead Artist

Canadian. A passionate 3D artist, he has produced high quality assets for various projects. He often streams asset creation on twitch, where he works on assets for his free library.

Cindy Tanguay – 3D Artist

Canadian. She is entering the industry and is currently finishing up her degree. She works on a lot of the small and large props seen in game. She is also a potential crazy cat lady!

Julian Shields – Composer / Sound designer

British. He has worked with Zak on Valko projects for a few years now. Julian has produced all kinds of music and can work on anything from Metal to House to RPG.

Larissa Montegna – Writer

American. She is an avid horror fan who has written numerous horror shorts. Edyth is also a moderator and heavily involved on the hugely popular /r/nosleep subreddit.

Luke Dooly – VFX / Lighting Specialist / Programmer

Australian. He’s a little crazy at times but Luke knows his stuff. He has worked in industry-renowned companies, large projects and is a Unity asset store producer.

Jonny Ro – Concept Artist

American. Currently studying an art degree, Jonny produces concept art and visualises scenes for us. He is dipping his feet into the games industry while he studies.

What's Been Happening?

A quick glance at our discord server and you would have thought the project is dead, however, behind those dormant channels lies a plethora of active development channels! We are still vetting how much we want to tease, but to give you an idea of the state of development, here are some screenshots showing the difference.

October 2019

December 2019

As you can see, progress has been huge! There are also some grotesque and horrific enemy models, but we are going to leave them for you to discover in the walls of the maze….

Alongside in-project work, we have also opened up the official game site, you can access it Here.

We’d love to share everything right now but as mentioned previously, we are still selecting what to reveal. Going forward, we will continue to update you every week. Next week we will show you more of the 3D assets and also release music from the official sound track.

We also ask that you please join our discord, we love seeing new faces and we are excited to hear people’s feedback, suggestions, questions, theories and everything in between!

Don’t use discord? No problem! You can still support us by liking our Facebook page or following our Twitter:

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